About Brian

When I realized I was an insurance agent

As soon as you tell people you are an insurance agent watch them run in the other direction. The same holds true for real estate agents. Guess what I am one of those as well. So I have spent the last 15 years watching people avoid me at all cost. I even had to manipulate the truth of my profession when I first met my wife so she would not run away screaming. I think she is still kind of upset because I am not actually a diamond salesman.

Lets face it. Insurance is boring, but do to modern technology I can go to work in shorts & a t-shirt, drink a beer and watch sports all while selling insurance. I guess my education at SDSU was not lost. GO AZTECS.

My Street Cred  Brian and Lynne

  • I have actually sold over 200+ life or health insurance policies while wearing flip flops or at least shorts.
  • I am not that good of a salesperson so you do not have to worry about being sold something you do not want.
  • I have been to a Packer vs Charger game in Green Bay (2015)
  • I write a lot about finance, insurance, & real estate topics on my blogs.
  • I have been a guest on local radio shows talking about financial services.

Some of my fans   Home Smart Logo 2

  • “Wow, buying life insurance online was easier than I thought” “Home Smart was fast and efficient”–Laura P.  San Diego
  • “No hard sales approach, just good information”–David B.  Orange County
  • “We spoke for over an hour about different life insurance strategies”  “It was great to have an honest conversation about different products”–Terri S.  Pacific Beach
  • “The 3 step process Home Smart Insurances uses is really fast”  “My policy was approved in less than a week”–Gary A.  San Diego Ca
  • “It was a simple process” “I am glad we talked about adding living benefits into our policy”–Lynne B.  Poway Ca

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  • Auto
  • Homeowners
  • Health Insurance
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