Non Medical Exam Term Life Insurance

Non Medical Exam Term Life insurance has really changed over the years. You will see there are several different names for essentially the same product.

  • Express Term Life
  • Essential Term Life
  • Simplified Issue Term Life

No Medical Exam Term Life Insurance Policy

Non Medical Exam Term Life InsuranceOur Recommendation

Help Insure.Me recommends that some  clients buy term life insurance with no medical exam first. Simply guarantee your coverage first.

If you are not sure or think your blood pressure, blood cholesterol, or blood sugar levels might be high, then going the safe route of a non – medical exam  life insurance policy makes good sense.

No medical exam life insurance shoppers need to take this into consideration: What if you have not had a physical in the last three to five years or more, why take a chance of having blood work done only to discover that you have a pre-exisitng condition that will inhibit or increase the cost of your coverage?  Instead, take the no physical exam term life insurance policy and secure coverage. Then, if you are inclined, pursue a term policy with an exam in order to find out if you can qualify for a lower cost term life insurance policy.

 If you take the medical exam first and find out something is amiss with your health, you cannot go back and choose the life insurance with no medical exam, because the Medical Information Bureau (MIB) will now have a record of your health history. And once your info is on the MIB it is available to all the insurance carriers.

The quote engine below run rates for all non medical exam life insurance carriers. Typically the highest coverage amount is $500,000.